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About Christina

Hi, I'm Christina!

My lived experience of growing up in poverty molded my resolve to fight for the greater good of our community: to help families thrive -- not just survive.

I am the product of a political war that tore my home country apart. My father is an educator, a lieutenant in the Vietnam War, and a Purple Heart veteran. Even when he came to this country with nothing to his name but the clothes on his back, he was determined to work hard to provide for his family and put food on the table -- despite the cultural and language barriers that existed. His spirit of hard work and determination is what I want to channel in our fight for a city that supports its hardworking families.

I am a working mother, daughter of refugees, labor activist, a non-profit executive director, and proud Green Bay resident running to represent District 11 on the Common Council because I believe in a Green Bay with healthy homes, neighborhood jobs, community safety, and accessibility that meets our changing needs. 

As a first-generation homeowner on the west side and a working mother raising a family, I am deeply invested in moving our city forward. My grassroots campaign is about “progress over politics” because I believe in putting the needs of our working families -- the life force of our city -- front and center to achieve real growth to a thriving community.

I am excited to tackle complex problems guided by my compassion for everyone, no matter their race, gender, sex, religion, socio-economic status or ability. I know what it feels like to personally lose a loved one, become displaced and homeless during the pandemic, have poor healthcare coverage, work a fixed-income job with rising costs of living, and be afraid of the world my son will face when he grows up. The challenges I faced have shaped me to be an even better leader who solves problems guided by impacted community input and voices. As a non-profit executive director, I believe in evidence-based decision-making and will work to make data-driven policy solutions led by our shared values.

Over just the last few years, I fought for family and workforce-supporting policies at the national level in Washington DC, at the state level in Madison, in Minnesota, and locally in cities throughout Wisconsin. My proven track record includes helping pass a $15 minimum wage ordinance in St. Paul, Minnesota and paid parental leave ordinances for the employees of both the City of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County. 

My community leadership is focused on uplifting the needs of working families and marginalized communities: In my role with 9to5, I am the co-founder and chair of the Wisconsin Care Coalition; member of the AAPI Coalition of Wisconsin, Dignity at Work Coalition, Raising Wisconsin, and Wisconsin Early Childhood Action Needed; appointed member of the City of Green Bay’s Hmong Advisory Council; former board member of the Hmong American Partnership and ColorBold Business Association; former taskforce member of ESTHER Immigration Taskforce and former member of the National Association of Social Workers-Wisconsin Legislative and Social Policy Committee.

Building on these experiences, I am thrilled to have the chance to continue fighting for the needs of our working families in Green Bay as your Alderperson. When you vote for me, you're voting for someone who understands the challenges we all face and has the drive and determination to tackle them head-on. So, if you want a representative who will be a force for positive change, who will stand up for your values and fight for your rights, vote for me. Let's put progress over politics, and build a stronger, more vibrant community together.

I look forward to earning your vote.

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What happens when you choose progress over politics

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Workers' Rights

Workers' rights are the foundation of a fair and just society. Everyone in Green Bay deserves dignified workplaces, thriving wages, and safe working conditions, with rights that protect them from exploitation and mistreatment. Workers are the backbone of our city, across industries, they are our teachers, our plow truck drivers, our parks and recreation staff, our firefighters, our laborers; they are our frontline workers. I am committed to building greater economic inclusion for working women, veterans, and people of color. By supporting workers, we are supporting a more prosperous society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it’s also essential for building a healthy, sustainable economy.

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Community-First Public Safety

Everyone deserves to be safe and cared for in our city, no matter who they are or where they live. Green Bay deserves a fully resourced, comprehensive approach to community-first public safety. Community-first public safety prioritizes prevention and community engagement over traditional policing tactics. It recognizes that safety is a collaborative effort between community members and law enforcement, and that building trust and relationships between these groups is key to creating a safe and healthy community. No single profession can do it all. This approach involves investing in social services, education, and community programs that address the root causes of crime, rather than relying solely on punitive measures.

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Investing in Small Businesses

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community. They not only create jobs and stimulate the local economy, but they also bring character and diversity to a neighborhood. They are often run by passionate entrepreneurs who are deeply connected to their community. Supporting small businesses is supporting the fabric of our community, and it's also investing in the dreams and aspirations of our fellow neighbors. I am committed to providing access, training and education, and reducing barriers to entry for new businesses. Investing in small businesses not only benefits the business owners and their employees, but it also benefits the wider community by creating jobs, increasing tax revenue that stays in our city, and fostering a sense of entrepreneurship and creativity.

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Economic Development

The economic prosperity of our city is only as strong as the opportunities available to all of its residents. That's why we need to prioritize a comprehensive economic development strategy that focuses on creating quality jobs, protecting workers' rights, and ensuring that everyone shares in the city's growth. When everyone has a chance to thrive, we can create a city where all residents can share in the benefits of economic growth and prosperity. Economic development is critical for ensuring a thriving and vibrant community. It creates jobs and opportunities for residents, attracts new businesses and investments to the area, and drives growth and innovation. A strong economy also leads to increased tax revenues, which can be used to fund important public services like schools, roads, and social programs. Investing in economic development is an investment in the future of our city, and it is essential for creating a thriving and prosperous community.

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Fair , Affordable Housing & Homeownership

Green Bay renters have the right to safe and healthy housing, protection from unjust evictions, and fair treatment from landlords. Without access to safe, affordable housing, people struggle to find stability in their lives, and it can become a barrier to education, employment, and overall well-being. Affordable housing – renting and homeownership – provides a foundation for families and individuals to thrive and prosper, and it is crucial to building strong, resilient communities. By investing in affordable housing, we are investing in the health, happiness, and success of our neighbors.

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City Accountability & Transparency

When government operates in the open, with clear communication and engagement with the public, it fosters a sense of shared ownership and responsibility. It allows our neighbors, regardless of their backgrounds and identities, to participate in the decision-making process and hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. This creates a government that is more efficient, effective, and equitable, and ultimately, a city that is stronger and more resilient. I am committed to building a government that is open, transparent, and accountable to the people it serves.

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Accessibility For All

Accessibility is about creating a society that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone, regardless of ability or circumstance. It means designing buildings, technology, and services that are usable by all, and removing barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities or other challenges from participating fully in society. When we prioritize accessibility, we create a more equitable and just world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. This isn't just about meeting legal requirements, it's about creating a culture that values and respects all individuals and their unique needs.

Investment In Our Roads & Public Infrastructure

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A robust and modern infrastructure isn't just about concrete and steel - it's about people. Investing in infrastructure means investing in the health, safety, and quality of life of our residents. It means reducing commute times, improving public health, and creating jobs. It's a win-win for our community - we get the tangible benefits of better roads, cleaner water, and faster internet, and we also get the intangible benefits of a more vibrant and connected community.

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